ISO 14001:2015 Environmental Management System


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What is ISO 14001? Why is it Important?

It is accepted fact that all over the world about resources is not infinite, environmental impacts of products and activities aren’t local and regional but are global. ISO 14001 was prepared by taking into consideration these facts, in order to protect environmental features and natural structure of a management system being created. ISO 14001 standard, environment-related risks and opportunities more efficiently managed in the ground, creating the industry association’s activities due to the environment the damage done to a minimum, energy and raw material consumption reduction aims.

ISO 14001, Environmental Management System in relation to a recognized standard in the international arena and the organization of their activities, products and services more effectively about the environment of the elements offers a guide on how to manage.

An Environmental Management System according to ISO 14001 standards establishing organization, exhaustion of natural resources, and not contaminating or reduced to a minimum level of negative impact, environmentally friendly, reliable company to ensure that the image is evoked.

ISO 14001 Standard for Principles

Entering into an obligation and Politics: Institutions should appoint environmental policy and environmental management system must be committed to loyalty.

Planning: Organization should identify the environmental aspects of activities, products and services choose the most important of them and should determine goals and objectives to realize commitments, must identify programs to achieve these objectives.

Practice and Procedure: Organization should improve support mechanism by necessary skills and opportunity for practice efficiently with intent to accomplish the objective, realize environment policy, achieve to goal and objective.

Checking and Corrective Action: Organization should measure and evaluate environment activity, success degree about this activity

Review and Development: Organization should revise environmental management system and continually ameliorate in order to improve general environment activity and success degree.

Benefits of ISO 14001

  • To harmonize with national and international law and requirements about environment
  • Ensuring environmental impact assessment and control
  • Being provided a competitive advantage by increasing the prestige of the organization
  • Being provided trust and loyalty of customers in that aspect of the environmental impacts
  • With effective use of resources to reduce costs and increase productivity
  • Preparation of action plan against accidents emergency (earthquake, fire, flood, etc..)
  • The creation of organization’s image respected the environment
  • Ensuring utilization of waste
  • Being provided to reduce accident by identification of potential danger spots
  • Transition to a business structure clean, healthy and environmentally sensitive
  • Ensuring better protection for energy and water resources, controlled recycling of waste, careful selection of raw materials
  • Finding the solution, such as cleaning and pay penalties for legal violations arising from reactive management strategies to reduce the financial burden
  • Improvement of commitment to enterprise value, quality of workplaces, employee morale
  • Creation of new business opportunities in markets where green production processes are important